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White hare

  It has been about seven years since we last had a flurry of observations of the Snowshoe Hare. Maybe it is enough that the numbers are starting to come up again. I have seen tracks and now Derek Kite … Continue reading

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Wandering Elk

  Recently, I had my first daylight sighting of two bull Elk who sauntered past midmorning with what appeared to be a breeding harem of maybe two dozen cows and calves. During Fall mating season, Elk are polygamous. A mature … Continue reading

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Deer in suspension

  White-tailed deer can bound; mule deer can bound, but can also stot. The bound is a variation of the gallop, but the hind and front legs act together rather than individually. The bound, the gallup, and the stot are … Continue reading

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Magpie feasts

  We do not have many magpies around Kootenay Lake. This bird favours open country, and most of the lake is rimmed with forests. However, if you know where to look, we do have a few. Black-billed Magpies have a … Continue reading

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Midnight bears

  You would think that any self-resecting bear would have bedded down for the season. But, no, despite it being mid-November and snowing, for a half hour around midnight last night, I was kept awake by two black bears foraging … Continue reading

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Feeder thieves

  My home is equipped with bird feeders: three, sometimes four, of them. Recently, they have been vanishing. We have feeder thieves.  Now, I am not talking about interlopers, such as squirrels, that merely steal the contents. I am talking … Continue reading

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Pre-rut sparring

  White-tailed bucks experience rising levels of testosterone in the fall and this leads to the rut, a gathering in November where bucks challenge one another for access to does.  I have not witnessed the head butting and mating of … Continue reading

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October’s goulash

  As these monthly goulashes go, this one is sparse. Only three images: two birds and a mammal. Here a Bald Eagle dives off of its perch on a tree. This raises the question of why it dives, rather than … Continue reading

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Evidence of cougar attack

  I have never seen a cougar (although, it may be that a cougar has seen me). I suspect that cougars are few in number around here, primarily because deer abound. After all, cougars are deer specialists. While I see … Continue reading

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Bears in a tree

  From August until the snow flies, I keep an eye out at the valley bottoms for black bears. Five were seen apparently fattening up for hibernation: the first two fancied fish; others chose apples. Only the last two stuck … Continue reading

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