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Three mammals

  In my wanderings, birds are usually easiest to espy. So, it is fun to watch mammals now and then, even if two of them happen to be in the squirrel family. Usually when I see a Columbian ground squirrel, … Continue reading

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August goulash

  This comprises a group of August’s images that lacked postings of their own. It is a mixture of local shots and ones from the around Vancouver. Yet, the Coastal ones are all of creatures (one fishy exception) also found … Continue reading

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Restoration goulash

  A week ago, this blog crashed: earlier postings could not be seen and nothing more could be posted. The blog is now restored. A week ago, the wildfire smoke became intolerable, and I headed west to find cleaner air. … Continue reading

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Now cool whitetails

  I am a hunter — but not the type who shoots to eat; I shoot to admire (and do so with a camera).  However, if you want to understand some aspects of animal behaviour, you might consider hanging out … Continue reading

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Raccoon feeder

  The feeder wasn’t intended for raccoons. It is for birds, specifically finches. Around humans, raccoons normally are nocturnal. Alas, the bird feeder is not left out at night, so a racoon kit has stopped by during daylight hours. Kit: … Continue reading

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May goulash

  This is a collection of images from this May, none of which has had a posting of its own. As spring is upon us, this collection is diverse, but hardly exhaustive. Of our three regular hummingbirds, the Calliope is … Continue reading

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Mule deer

  I see perhaps 20 to 50 white-tailed deer for every mule deer spotted. This was not the deer frequency during pre-settler times when mule deer dominated. But, white-tailed deer moved in with the settlers. Certainly, we now have both … Continue reading

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Buddies with buds

  Three months ago, I posted Antler rhythms, a discussion with pictures of the white-tailed deer’s annual cycle of: antler buds, velvet covered growth, hardening and loss of velvet, and antler loss. Concluding it was a picture of a buck showing … Continue reading

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Grizzly feeding

  When May arrives, I like to see if I can spot grizzly bears feeding as they attempt to restore their weight following hibernation. Doug Thorburn beat me to it. He sent me some shots of grizzlies at the north … Continue reading

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Coyotes in forest

  I am used to seeing coyotes, if I see them at all, as solitary predators. Occasionally, I have seen two hunting together. However, this weekend was the first time I had seen them in a pack. It was probably … Continue reading

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