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Grizzly sow & cubs

  I have often seen Grizzly Bears at this time of year, so I keep my eyes open for them. Although grizzlies are omnivores, I have usually seen them eating plants. There were three Grizzly Bears: a sow and two … Continue reading

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Antler buds

  Deer grow their antlers anew each year. And although it is variable, the new antler buds usually appear in April. Yesterday, I saw two white-tailed deer, each with antler buds. After a winter with no sightings of this deer, … Continue reading

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Flirting grouse

  I only rarely see a Ruffed Grouse, and to see two is a treat. Today, I saw a male and female checking each other out. Now, they might have mated had I not travelled by, but who knows. I … Continue reading

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Mule Deer

   This posting revisits one picture of the latest December goulash, the male mule deer. The caption I wrote at the time was: “He looks remarkably young with his small barely branching antlers. Yet, he has a spouse and has sired … Continue reading

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  Last year closed with a picture of a visiting bobcat. It was the last time I expected to see it — but yesterday at noon, it was again on my deck at a place that all the little birds … Continue reading

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December goulash

  This is a small collection of December’s pictures that lacked a posting of their own. December was an unfortunate month that was remarkably cold during its middle portions with animals and observers biding their time. Nevertheless, there were some … Continue reading

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Megafauna kids

  By the time December comes, the megafauna kiddies from last summer are beginning to get larger, but are still much smaller than the adults. Here are two. A juvenile of this year accompanies adults in a herd of bighorn … Continue reading

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Elk & harem

  home again For much of the year, elk travel in herds of females and juveniles. Separately, males travel in smaller herds or as individuals. However come fall, a male will form a harem of perhaps a half-dozen to a … Continue reading

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Grizzlies &

  A few days ago, I visited Bute Inlet to watch grizzlies hunt pacific salmon in the local streams and then posted a sequence to grizzly bear feast. Here are few more, plus another large mammal.  A grizzly bear scrounging … Continue reading

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Grizzly bear feast

  On October 3rd, I visited B.C.’s Bute Inlet to watch grizzly bears fattening up for hibernation by eating freshly caught salmon. The visit was during the spawning of chum salmon, so the grizzlies were predating a different species of … Continue reading

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