Coyote poop


Recently, a friend sent me some pictures from the Comedy Wildlife Photographic Awards from 2017


OK, when I take shots of wildlife, my objective is to understand their world — not to poke fun at it.

Yet, have I ever taken a picture worthy of showing on comedy wildlife? Likely not. However, among the 2017 winners there is a picture of a (female) fox piddling in a golf hole. Devoid of the caption, (“Must have a three putter” — Huh?) is it funny? Hard to say. Incongruous is probably a better description. 

Now, I have taken a number (to my mind of non-funny) of shots of animals pooping (context may matter here): a moose piddling and birds defecating. Could it be that someone would find one of them funny? 

The closest I could come is this picture of a coyote.

A coyote expresses contempt for humanity by pooping in the middle of a highway (8 May 2015).


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2 Responses to Coyote poop

  1. H. Borland says:

    Nothing getting fertilized there!

  2. Christine Boyd says:

    My partner says I’m obsessed with poop. It all started with turkey poop on my sidewalk. So I totally appreciate this funny photo.

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