I took an indifferent picture of a Brown Creeper this morning. Indeed, it is barely worth posting — except for the backstory: with this creeper it is four for four.

I have seen a Brown Creeper four times, and on each of those occasions someone else found it for me. I have never found one on my own. OK, in my defence, this little bird is the master of disguise. 

Yet…, how long will this creeper-finding disability persist?

A Brown Creeper (briefly) clings to the trunk of a Douglas-fir in the forest.

This better shot of a Brown Creeper was taken in 2017, but it also was found by someone else.


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  1. Neville Maytom. says:

    Hi Alistair – yes, these small birds are easily overlooked, but their high pitched call sometimes gives them away. I hope you find your own one soon. Regards. Neville Maytom.

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