Toad amplexus


Toad amplexus ≡ toad sex

Amplexus (Latin for embrace) is a type of mating exhibited by western toads (and other amphibians) in which there is physical contact, but fertilization is external to the body. During amplexus, a male uses his front legs to grasp a female under her armpits and stimulates her to release eggs into the water. He then fertilizes them. Around here, amplexus is an activity of May.

In the shallows next to the shore, the smaller male western toad has embraced the female.  

Elsewhere in the shallows, another couple is in amplexus. The strands of eggs from an earlier encounter are apparent on the right.

A second male (left) is attacking a pair of toads in amplexus. He is trying to force the earlier male to release its grasp on the female so he can then mate with her. Also, notice the egg strands in the water on the upper right.


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  1. Gail Frampton says:

    Lovely photos-brilliant shots of them mating etc.

  2. Isa MacDonald says:

    As always, great photos. Also great to meet you and your daughter at Fish lake.

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