Midnight bears


You would think that any self-resecting bear would have bedded down for the season. But, no, despite it being mid-November and snowing, for a half hour around midnight last night, I was kept awake by two black bears foraging on rowan berries beside my home and even climbing from a tree onto the roof of my bedroom.

I chose to stay inside, judging that the difficulties and hazards of getting a good shot of a black bear at midnight were not worth the effort. However, I did discover that nighttime bears can be spooked by shining a spotlight through a window and into their faces.

The big fellow adjacent to my window could have been the twin of this earlier visitor.


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One Response to Midnight bears

  1. Sharon says:

    We have also been plagued by the midnight bears here in Ymir,both black and grizzly. We are all hoping that they go to bed soon!

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