Derek Kite provided me with a shot of a coyote taken at the Blaylock beach yesterday. This was one of three travelling along the shore.

On the strength of his observation, I went back and looked at my various coyote shots and, yes, there is a preponderance of them in the late winter. This is presumably the time when the coyotes are hungry and come down to the valley bottoms looking for food.

In this shot by Derek Kite, it is clear that the coyote travelling along the shore is not alone as there are some fresh foot tracks just below its forepaws.


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5 Responses to Coyotes

  1. Judy Laing Brown says:

    He/she looks in good condition. The hunting must be good.

  2. Shirleen Smith says:

    Really nice photo! They were singing right out front – literally metres away -of my house in Riondel this week (the cats go ballistic). They do this a few times a year. I’ll have to note the time of year this usually happens.

  3. Stephen Wells says:

    Gorgeous. Looks like a youngster.

  4. Wylie says:

    We saw a litter of pups and adults in the same spot, in the long grass, last year, I think it was in April.

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