Trumpeter Swans flying


Six Trumpeter Swans first swam by and then took to the air.

It isn’t unusual to see a few Trumpeters at this time of year, in the water and usually feeding in the shallows. It is more unusual to see them run across the water and take to the air.

The adult Trumpeter is the heaviest bird in North America with a length of about 2 metres and a weight of about 12 kilograms. To fly it must run across the water to pick up speed for about 100 metres. It is rarely done.

After swimming much of the way, the lead swan chose to fly the rest. The rest followed.

The lead swan is running across the water and the other five are following.

Here the middle four have finally taken to the air.


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7 Responses to Trumpeter Swans flying

  1. Bob Ritchie says:

    There were trumpeters through Chase the other day also.

  2. DellaC.Fenkner says:

    The silky look of the backgrounds in #1 and#2 is lovely. Your lense
    has caught even the spattered droplets. Lovely picture. Thanks.

  3. joanne groff says:


  4. Lorene says:

    Fabulous pics. Have seen trumpeters twice on Kootenay River this winter.
    Thank you Alistair!

  5. Pamella Wik says:

    Fascinating commentary too. I hope someday to see trumpeters take to the air from water and feel the heft of it all now that I know. Thanks so much.

  6. Lorna Surina says:

    I especially like the running swans. Beautiful!

  7. Gail Frampton says:

    Lovely photos and information once again. Beautiful Birds!

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