Pygmy Owl


Now is the time to see the Northern Pygmy Owl. Well, we have it year round, so why select now to see this daytime hunter? Well, for most seasons, it hangs out at higher elevations, a mountainous area that has a low population of humans. But come winter time, the Pygmy Owl often comes to the valley bottoms and hunts small birds such as irruptives.  

I found the Pygmy Owl on the North Shore of Kootenay Lake on Sunday, but it was perched high in distant trees, so I returned the next day. It was now hunting close to the ground beside the road. One thing about these owls is that not only do they hunt in daytime, but they are not particularly sensitive to humans. So park beside one and take its picture. 


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5 Responses to Pygmy Owl

  1. Bob Ritchie says:

    As usual an awesome image,
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Karen Pidcock says:

    Fascinating wee terrorists of the owl kingdom. Ever see even what larger birds these will take on?!!

  3. Sharman Horwood says:

    February is its mating season, too. At night I go out on my back deck at night when it’s calm, and I hear this hoot-hoot-hoot. That apparently is the pygmy owl looking for a mate. One year at that time one got trapped in a neighbour’s chicken wire. When it was released, it was injured. The raptor center in Oliver rehabbed it for a month. They said it was important to release the owl approximately where it was found because it was mating season.

  4. Allan Hobden says:

    Wonderful…beautiful picaroo!

  5. Bee says:

    Totally enchanting little owl. Looks like he was sprinkled with fairy dust.

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