Antler buds


Deer grow their antlers anew each year. And although it is variable, the new antler buds usually appear in April. Yesterday, I saw two white-tailed deer, each with antler buds. After a winter with no sightings of this deer, it was a pleasure to see them. But, there was a variant that makes the observation more interesting.

About two years ago, I wrote a posting, antler rhythm, in which I showed many pictures of the grow of the antlers of the white tailed. Since that time, I have only managed one addition of joisting that would be worth adding to that posting: pre-rut sparring (4th picture). Maybe yesterday I added another.

There were two males, but only when I examined the pictures did I realize this and that they both had antler buds. One can be seen in front of the right ear on this deer.

This male is not only more obvious with its one antler bud and its one broken antler, but it also presents a problem that might be worthy of my two-year-old summary: What will happen next? Does he grow only one antler and retain the broken one, or will he shed the broken one and grow two?


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  1. Gail Frampton says:

    eautiful photos as always -thanks for sharing!

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