Nearly two weeks ago, Joanne Siderius, Kokanee Creek Park’s senior naturalist, published some pictures of a cygnet.

Yesterday three of us saw what was apparently the same cygnet at close quarters, again at the park. I have seen a cygnet with its pink bill a few times previously, but only in November or December. This was the closest I had been. 

This might be a Tundra Swan or a Trumpeter Swan. There are ambiguous indicators. Joanne thought it was probably a tundra, and in the end that is my guess also.


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5 Responses to Cygnet

  1. Annette Smith says:


  2. Helen says:

    So beautiful!

  3. Stephen Wells says:


  4. Carlo Giovanella says:

    I concur with Tundra, based on bill/face junction: extension of bill at join with eye appears narrower than eye (same width on Trumpeter); junction of bill with cheek below eye appears more steeply sloped than on Trumpeter.

  5. Erik McDonough says:

    Simply spectacular :0)

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