Dipper chicks


This year, I did not catch dipper chicks in the nest. But we did capture them in the creek being fed by a parent.

Three dipper chicks stand with their mouths agape and their wings raised as they beg their parent (in the foreground) for some food. 

The parent brings some food to the anxiously waiting chicks.

The chick’s yellow gape is what prompts the parent to place food there. Photo by Cynthia.

A dipper parent feeds a dipper chick a bug. Photo by Cynthia.


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3 Responses to Dipper chicks

  1. Joanne Siderius says:

    I love those dippers! Great photos Alistair!

  2. Joan Arnott says:

    The background colours and textures are beautiful too!

  3. Sheila Falle says:

    What good timing. Joanne came to Lakeview Village yesterday to share pictures and stories from Kokanee park. She showed videos of dippers in underwater,
    Cynthia’s frozen in action closeups are delightful.
    Thank you all

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