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Cloudbow & glory

  I no longer travel much by plane, so my opportunity to see cloudbows and glories is not great. But last week, I flew to the Coast, and for most of the way the plane was above a thick layer … Continue reading

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  The glory is a beautiful phenomenon that is only rarely noticed. Its rarity results from the requirement that your shadow must be cast down onto a cloud in the centre of the glory. Mind you, to see your shadow … Continue reading

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  Last Sunday, I watched something over the Lake that I had not recalled seeing with such clarity before: two different mechanisms for droplet formation from the same source. A decade, or so, ago, I wrote a piece about the … Continue reading

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  A cloudbow is just a rainbow formed by the much smaller droplets found in a cloud or a fog. It is as huge as a rainbow in that it spans nearly a quarter of the sky. But, it is … Continue reading

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Iridescent cloud

  Yesterday, at about noon, there were wave clouds in the sky. I was admiring these when the sun moved over slowly behind one. Then the most marvellous series of colours appeared close around the sun.  The iridescent colours were … Continue reading

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June’s goulash

  This is a collection of June’s pictures that lacked a posting of their own.  June began with a dipper feeding a bug to one of it three chicks. This purple virgin’s-bower (Clematis occidentalis) is a western flower. If one … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s halo complex

  On Tuesday, there was overrunning of cirrus over the Lake. On Wednesday, there was rain. Lorraine Symmes took a picture to the west and sent it to me. It showed a halo complex, something that often precedes rain. All … Continue reading

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Coloured trees

  Occasionally the trees in the forest adopt strange colours.

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  The sky is not always gunmetal grey in the winter.  

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Not frost

  A rough-hewn hand rail in the Park was covered with what I thought at first was frost. However, there was something odd about it: the ice was in the form of tiny towers. They looked different than all the … Continue reading

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