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Dew, not dew

  The web of an orb-weaving spider covered in matutinal drops of water is undoubtedly beautiful. But, is the web really covered in dew — as is claimed by a myriad of photo sites? Alas, this is something for which … Continue reading

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Kokanee Creek mouth

  At 534.06 metres, the Lake is still a half metre below the peak flood level of 2012. However, it has been enough to flood some trails in the low parts of Kokanee Creek Park. The Lake is expected to … Continue reading

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Smoking mountain

  A smoking mountain might seem an odd topic during a wet spring. However, the title does not refer to a wildfire, but to the name of a weather phenomenon. Sometimes a cloud streaming off the lee of a mountain … Continue reading

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Steam devils

  A clear morning with a brisk sub-zero wind over the water is ideal for sighting steam devils. There was only a gentle wind two days ago and the devils were not as grand as on some earlier occasions. Yet, … Continue reading

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Sun pictures

  During the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, telescopes looked up; I looked down. Well, fair’s fair, I looked up also, but I concentrated on the ground. Let me explain.  I leave it to the folks with good equipment … Continue reading

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Smoke colour

  Having one’s home on a wildfire Evacuation Alert is a stressful experience — but, it would be worse having one’s home on a wildfire Evacuation Order. Portraits of Local Wildlife: My presentation is this evening. The fire prompting the … Continue reading

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Limb darkening

  My enthusiasm for the natural world wanes when it comes to things such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires, and mosquitoes. Nevertheless, while our present smoke-filled valleys are distinctly unpleasant, they offer some interesting features. Consider a view of the … Continue reading

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Owl, toad, rainbow

  Seen yesterday: a Great Horned Owl chick, a Western Toad, a double rainbow. A recent posting showed a Great Horned Owl parent and one of its chicks. Here is the other. Lest one be called a speciesist, we must … Continue reading

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May goulash

  This is the twentieth posting made this month. What could possibly be left over for the end-of-the-month goulash? Many things, it turns out, but I will show only a few of them. The Chipping Sparrow is a common and … Continue reading

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Icicle ripples

  With the (inept) proclamation in the media that yesterday was the first day of spring, icicles would seem to be an inopportune topic. Yet, sometimes a natural phenomenon festers for years before treatment. Such is the case with icicles. Icicles were … Continue reading

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