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Smoke and fish

  Late summer is the season of smoke and fish. The smoke is episodic — some years none, some years considerable. This year it is particularly bad. The fish, spawning kokanee, are an annual staple that is far more agreeable. … Continue reading

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Wave-cloud iridescence

  Waves form behind a boat travelling on the water. It is the relative motion that counts, not whether it is the boat that is moving or the water that is moving. In a similar manner, the air displaced by … Continue reading

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Fog drops on web

  A recent posting showed a few characteristics of fog: fog wave. However, fog offers a far richer variety of features than those I showed there. Here is one more: fog drops that have collected on a spider’s web.  Similar … Continue reading

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Fog wave

  Rain during the day moistened the air. Clearing at night allowed cold moist air to drain to the valley bottom where by morning a fog had formed. The fog drifts along the shore and back and forth across the … Continue reading

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  A nice characteristic of convective thunderstorms is that they tend to occur late in the day when the Sun is low in the sky. Sometimes, this results in rainbows. A rainbow envelopes the peninsula of Kokanee Creek Provincial Park.  … Continue reading

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Steam devils in April

  Steam devils in April? This was unexpected. Although not an every-winter occurrence, my experience is that steam devils are seen over the Lake during a bitterly cold outbreak of brisk winds in midwinter. Yet, there they were on a … Continue reading

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Anchor ice

  It has been a week of modest cold. The average temperature has been perhaps -8 °C. It has been cold enough to produce anchor ice in local creeks. In the accompanying pictures there is snow; in addition there is … Continue reading

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Whiteness on trees

  Blossoms: This posting is just about white on trees resulting from water. Blossoms and seeds are another matter. Following the reaction to my posting about a rime band, I thought it might be worthwhile to offer a guide to … Continue reading

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Rime band

  In this season, snow is seen that falls on the mountainside. Yet, all the white on distant trees need not be snow — sometimes what is seen is rime. When snow falls from a cloud above the mountain, it … Continue reading

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December goulash

  This is a collection of images from this December, none of which has had a posting of its own. A Coyote hunts for voles in a field. Each winter, Nelson’s waterfront plays host to a variety of interesting water … Continue reading

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