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Cimbex sawfly

  The white stripes on its abdomen made it look sort of like a large bald-faced hornet resting on the forest floor in the rain. But, that couldn’t possibly be correct: It was lethargic, Its face was entirely black, Its … Continue reading

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Wasp mating ball

  And now for something completely different.           catchphrase from Monty Python’s Flying Circus The observations made little sense to me. Why did a small group of sand wasps wrap themselves into in a ball? As far … Continue reading

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Finn’s view

  Two days ago, I noted that during a walk in the woods, my daughter, Cynthia, managed nicer images than I did. Recently, my grandson, Finn, also spent a week with me. During our walks, he did likewise. He is … Continue reading

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Canada’s diversity

  Today, July 1st, marks Canada Day and the country’s 152nd birthday. Canadians value and celebrate diversity — by which they mean cultural diversity. However, some feel that the preservation of our species diversity merits a similar attention. This selection … Continue reading

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Spider 1, Ant 0

  An ant likes nectar, but being a crawling insect, its ability to forage on many flowers is limited. That is, unless it is a flying ant, and can quickly move from one flower to the next. The problem, though, … Continue reading

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May goulash

  This is a collection of some of May’s images that did not have postings of their own. A honey bee has collected pollen from a wild rose, and is carrying it as a packet on its hind leg. Honey … Continue reading

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Cute fly

  To suggest that a fly is cute certainly has to be a matter of taste. However, the Bombylius major does look like a child’s cuddly toy. Not only that, it is an effective pollinator as it goes around from … Continue reading

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Falcon feeding

  A falcon is a small raptor that uses speed to prey upon insects, rodents, and small birds. We have two falcons present year round (plus three occasional visitors). The smallest of our regular falcons is the Kestrel (80–165 g). … Continue reading

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Darner mating

  One might think that the dragonfly season would be over — not so. Seen here are (what I believe are) lance-tipped darners mating three days ago. The male (more bluish) is the one above, while the female (yellowish head … Continue reading

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Osprey harassed

  This has been a really good year for wasps — not so good for the rest of us. Ospreys feed on fish, and wasps really like that. An osprey has taken a fresh fish to the top of a … Continue reading

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