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Bombylius, Not Bombus

  With the advent of sunny spring, I noticed my first lawn flower of the year, a chionodoxa, a tiny bluish flower with a whitish centre. It is sometimes known as the glory of the snow. Abruptly, the flower was … Continue reading

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March goulash

  This is a collection of interesting creatures taken this March that lacked a posting of their own.  Many are seeing Evening Grosbeaks this year. Why have they become relatively common? In the spring, we see two species of bluebirds: … Continue reading

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Aestivation’s over

  Now that September is here, daytime temperatures are somewhat more temperate and the mourning cloak butterfly is back in abundance.  The mourning cloak likes to avoid temperature extremes, otherwise it closes down. Over winter, it hibernates (becomes dormant to … Continue reading

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Dragonfly migrant

  When we think of local migrants, we usually think of birds. Indeed, many of the birds we watch most assiduously, migrate in and out our region. But…, migrating insects? Most local insects spend their whole lives within kilometres of … Continue reading

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August goulash

This is collection of images taken this August that lacked a posting of their own, primarily because they were all taken within the last few days. I would have liked to include some mammals. Alas, while I saw some, there … Continue reading

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Robber fly mating

  Here are two more pictures of mating insects — well, it is that time of year. These are robber flies.  A Robber fly, also known as an assassin fly, is large and a powerful flyer. Its name reflects the … Continue reading

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Bluet disaster

  Things were now looking good in the world of bluet damselflies. The previous posting, thwarted bluets, had reported on the problems of bluet couples: harassment and inaccessible aquatic weed for egg laying. However, now the aquatic weed had reached … Continue reading

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Thwarted bluets

  The sex was good, but quickly things went downhill. Tule bluets are damselflies, the smallish cousins of dragonflies. While we have a number of species of damselflies, the tule bluet is the one I see most frequently along the … Continue reading

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Sipping minerals

  When encountered in the alpine, Bombus melanopygus was sipping nectar from an Alpine Milk-vetch(?). Farther down the mountain it was seen on the ground, apparently sipping minerals from rocks. This was unusual. The first observation of melanopygus was mundane: … Continue reading

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Baby arthropods

  Babies are cute. We seem to be hard wired to protect those adorable infants with their rounded, over-sized heads, large eyes, and chubby cheeks, whether they be human or animal. We just adore them.  Well, maybe not all of … Continue reading

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