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August goulash

  This is a collection of images from August, none of which has had a posting of its own. An osprey flies by with a fish. Earlier I showed a Solitary Sandpiper. Here is another migrant: a Semipalmated Sandpiper. In … Continue reading

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Flaws in supporting pictures

  This blog bases its postings on recently taken pictures from local nature. Now and then an identification is mistaken and this results in a flawed text. Nevertheless, the picture is correct.  News sites have the opposite problem. A textual … Continue reading

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Heron plunge

  Yesterday, with the Kokanee moving up local creeks to spawn, I posted a picture of a heron hunting by the creek. Today, it plunged after a Kokanee.  A Great Blue Heron strikes at a Kokanee. Alas, it failed to … Continue reading

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Spawning watch

  Kokanee are filling local creeks in preparation for spawning, after which their carcasses will become available to many other creatures. Those creatures are already standing by in anticipation. A Kokanee salmon enters the creek to spawn. Standing by to … Continue reading

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A serving of fish

  Mommy Osprey brings a serving of fish to her rather large chicks still in the nest.  

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Solitary Sandpiper

  This is only the third time I have seen a Solitary Sandpiper in the last decade, and it has always been seen in August. The Solitary Sandpiper does not appear to breed around Kootenay Lake, but does breed farther … Continue reading

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A fish flew by

  A headless fish flew by. It was being packed by an osprey. For an earlier discussion of this strange phenomenon, see headless fish flying.  

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July goulash

  Nothing from this baker’s dozen of July images has had a posting of its own.  A few birds avoid the valleys and prefer the mountains. One of these is the White-crowned Sparrow. Wintering to the south, it breeds here … Continue reading

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Bitching chicks

  Osprey parents share a problem with a number of other species: How do you persuade maturing offspring to leave the nest? Being fed and looked after at home is comfortable, and consequently many offspring never want the coddling to … Continue reading

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Mayfly mating

  Mayfly adults live brief and perilous lives. Mayflies emerge from the water as short-lived adults with one objective: to mate. The mayfly is immediately beset by other creatures that would feast upon it. Fish frequently jump from the water … Continue reading

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