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The third chickadee

  The chickadee is cute, abundant, and a pleasant visitor at home feeders. Of course, what is being discussed is the ubiquitous Black-capped Chickadee. However, we also have three other species of chickadee. In the order of most to least … Continue reading

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Bird brains

  They are variously known as suicide birds and grill birds (owing to their propensity to be smashed by vehicular grills). These are the finches of winter, and primarily they are Pine Siskins. Pine Siskins seem to crave salt, and … Continue reading

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Red-capped visitor

  A visitor wearing a red cap arrived through the air this morning and then hung around eating snacks. It all seemed to fit the legends of the day. The red-capped visitor was a female Pileated Woodpecker and the snacks were … Continue reading

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Barred Owl

  The last time I saw a Barred Owl in Kokanee Creek Park was a dozen years ago. Subsequently, I have seen a few Pygmy Owls and even Great Horned Owls there, but not a Barred. So, it was unexpected … Continue reading

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Redpoll, irruptive

  For nearly a month, I have been keeping my eyes open for Bohemian Waxwings. They are beautiful irruptive birds that sometimes come here to feast on rowen berries. An irruptive bird is one that occasionally bursts from the north … Continue reading

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Grouse mismatch

  I have gently poked fun at the Ruffed Grouse a few times because it always behaves as if it is well camouflaged in the brush. So, even when it is on snow or gravel, it walks very slowly feigning … Continue reading

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Three-woodpecker day

  Leaving aside the flicker, which might be seen a few times a week, woodpeckers are spotted only once or twice a year. So, it was unexpected to see three different species of woodpeckers in one day. They are presented … Continue reading

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Eats, fish & leaves

  There is a classic joke that depends upon the sloppy employment of a comma: Eats, shoots and leaves. This is how Wikipedia tells it: A panda walks into a cafĂ©. He orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a … Continue reading

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Dipper scarfs egg

  A dipper is an unusual songbird on a number of counts. It flies underwater in search of comestibles in turbulent mountain streams. But, when if finds something, it apparently doesn’t eat it immediately, but brings it to firm ground … Continue reading

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Swans return

  In late October and through November, swans begin to arrive during their migration south — first in dribs and drabs, then in larger flocks. This last weekend, I saw two families of swans about fifteen kilometres apart. This is … Continue reading

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