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Magpie packing

  The Black-billed Magpie is a fairly common bird of western North America. However, as it prefers open habitats with only clumps of trees, it is somewhat of a rarity in our heavily forested region. As a result, it is … Continue reading

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Flying with fish

  This morning, a Bald Eagle flew past packing a fish athwart its body. It is odd that an eagle regularly carries a fish in this non-aerodynamic orientation. Granted, the eagle is a strong flier, so the extra drag of … Continue reading

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Geese, synchronized flapping

  The synchronized wing flapping of a Canada-Goose couple was spectacular. I assume that theirs was a pre-copulatory, courting behaviour, but I did not see them complete the act. The geese, one in front of the other, rose out of … Continue reading

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Eagle’s nest

  Following recent postings about bluebirds choosing a nest box, and killdeer seeking a nesting site, here is one about Bald Eagles having chosen their nest for this spring. A Bald Eagle couple have chosen a nest in which to … Continue reading

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  Killdeer have arrived. They typically turn up in March, about two months before other shorebirds, such as the Spotted Sandpiper, do. This morning a killdeer couple was seen exploring a rocky island near a creek mouth. Killdeer make their … Continue reading

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Wandering Grosbeak

  The name given this bird by nineteenth-century settlers, Evening Grosbeak, comes from the mistaken belief that it only came out to sing after sundown. Much better is its name in French, le gros-bec errant, for it truly is the … Continue reading

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Displaying toms

  It has always been a source of mild amusement for me to see Thanksgiving advertisements using clip art of tom turkeys displaying. After all, such displays take place now during the breeding season. Four toms strut down the road … Continue reading

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Western Bluebird

  Winter is losing its grip. Valley snow is vanishing and the trees are alive with twittering. Trumpeter Swans and Bohemian Waxwings have flown north to their breeding grounds. Meanwhile Wild Turkey males are displaying and swallows and bluebirds are … Continue reading

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Birds in the woods

  Yesterday, I was asked if I were a birder. Probably not. I rarely look specifically for birds and rarely submit observations to birding sites. So, I probably don’t qualify. What I do do is to look for interesting things … Continue reading

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White stripes

  I was looking for a White-winged Crossbill. It is a somewhat uncommon visitor to the region — and one I had been challenged to find. I did find one, but, one somewhat obscured by branches. This crossbill doesn’t actually … Continue reading

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