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August goulash

This is collection of images taken this August that lacked a posting of their own, primarily because they were all taken within the last few days. I would have liked to include some mammals. Alas, while I saw some, there … Continue reading

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Two migrants

  From late July into October, we are visited by migrants. These are birds that bred to our north but stop here to feed on their southbound journey. They range in size and type from the hummingbird to the eagle. … Continue reading

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Predaters and scavengers

  Kokanee salmon flow up local creeks to spawn. Predators and scavengers gather to gorge themselves. Some come to feast on the living fish; some come to feast upon carcasses. Although these pictures were taken where the birds were feeding … Continue reading

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Passing birds

  Most views of animals in the wild are of solitary ones. But it is fun to manage a shot showing a couple of creatures in one scene. Such was the case this morning. A juvenile Great Blue Heron perches … Continue reading

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Bluet disaster

  Things were now looking good in the world of bluet damselflies. The previous posting, thwarted bluets, had reported on the problems of bluet couples: harassment and inaccessible aquatic weed for egg laying. However, now the aquatic weed had reached … Continue reading

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July goulash

  This is a collection of images from this July that did not have postings of their own. The idiom, snake in the grass, implies treachery. In reality, our garter snake is harmless. This Cedar Waxwing seemed intent on expressing … Continue reading

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Flickers fledged

  There are only a few days during which one can watch flicker chicks being fed at the entrance to their cavity nests. When they hatch, chicks are small and rest inside the cavity, so each parent has to go … Continue reading

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Finn’s chicks

  I went out to visit local nature with Finn, my 15-year-old grandson. We took many pictures. Here are two that Finn took of chicks being fed. We started the day by watching a flicker father feed his chicks. Daddy … Continue reading

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Osprey chicks

  This is the time of year to see fresh osprey chicks peeking out of nests around the Lake. Often the chicks are seen interacting with a parent. At another nest, three chicks look out at a parent in an … Continue reading

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Osprey and fish

  There was a time when local sport fishermen demonized the osprey: How dare that bird prey on (what was fantasized as) their fish? Clearly, we need to kill the osprey. Locally burned pilings still stand as a mute testimony … Continue reading

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