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HY Bald Eagle

  For many years, I have been used to Black Bears turning up in my yard early in August. Alas, none have (apparently) done so this year. The berries must be good at higher elevations resulting in a scant need … Continue reading

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Feasting on fish

  Fish are a staple food for much of the wildlife around the Lake — we are, after all, dealing with a lake — so, I show wildlife feasting on fish. This posting was prompted by recent pictures, but these … Continue reading

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Raft of loons

  This is the time of year to see rafts of loons on Kootenay Lake. Often, the loon is a solitary bird, accompanied at most by a mate and chicks. But prior to migration, numerous loons gather in social groups.  … Continue reading

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Sandpiper migration

  This is the season to visit the lakeshore to see sandpipers that have stopped by to feed on their journey south. Already shown have been the Killdeer and the Baird’s Sandpiper. Here are three more. The Lesser Yellowlegs breeds … Continue reading

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Horaltic vultures

  If one wants to watch vultures, a good tactic is to hang out in the vicinity of carrion (sigh). For most of us, finding carrion before a vulture does is not easy — except possibly during a seasonal die-off, … Continue reading

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Osprey harassed

  This has been a really good year for wasps — not so good for the rest of us. Ospreys feed on fish, and wasps really like that. An osprey has taken a fresh fish to the top of a … Continue reading

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Ecotone walk

  I could have merely spoken of a walk along the beach, but, I wanted to emphasize something subtly different than such a stroll. An ecotone is a place where ecologies are in tension (in Greek, the word is tonos). It describes … Continue reading

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Iconic osprey shot

  The West Arm of Kootenay Lake has an unusually large warm-season population of ospreys. As such, they have become a symbol of the Lake, with both a ferry and a community foundation named after them. Ospreys feast on fish caught … Continue reading

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Fledged osprey

  It seems maybe a week early, but juvenile ospreys have started to fledge. A juvenile osprey — identified by wing feathers looking as if dipped in cream — flew by early this morning.

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Juvenile heron

  This is the time to see juvenile birds. Although as large as adults, they often look somewhat different. Today, I saw a juvenile Great Blue Heron standing on a deadhead. The signs were clear that it was this year’s … Continue reading

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