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Blue wake

  Just goldeneye ducks. A jaunt began with a female goldeneye expressing (what looks like) joie de vivre. It ended with two male Barrow’s Goldeneyes leaving blue wakes across golden waters.  

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Post-posting ponderings

  The majority of my postings stand alone. Yet, sometimes following a posting, I continue to ponder it. This is a collection of five further ruminations made this last year. Speeding hare, Jan. 17, 2018 I was struck by the … Continue reading

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December goulash

  This is a compilation of a few images, none of which had its own posting in December. Indeed, December could be characterized as a month of sparse observations. Early in the month, Trumpeter Swans came through, but were often … Continue reading

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Crossbill flicker

  Experienced birders might suspect that today’s posting is a hoax — it is not. The picture of the crossbill flicker at the bottom is real.  Crossbills are finches whose bills are adapted to prying seeds from cones. Flickers, however, … Continue reading

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Trumpeter visit

  On their annual migration south, Trumpeter Swans are visiting the Lake in threes and fours. These trumpeters are in the waters beside Kokanee Creek Park. To my surprise, these swans took flight. The trumpeter is a big bird and … Continue reading

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Rowan robin

  The rowan trees are many and heavily laden, but where are the irruptives? At this time of year, I watch for irruptives. These are birds that don’t visit us each year, but occasionally do so as a result of … Continue reading

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Cormorants three

  Who can plumb the cormorant’s mind? Two perched cormorants croak at a third as it flies past. Were they warning it to stay away? Were they welcoming it? Who knows? Two Double-crested Cormorants react to a third’s flyby with … Continue reading

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Kingfisher’s plunge

  Sometimes a picture is posted merely because I like the action displayed. A male Belted Kingfisher plunges. It passed out of view before hitting the water.  

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Dipper’s bluff called

  Joanne was right. Earlier this the month, I posted the image shown to the right. I wondered about the dipper’s spread-wing stance. Large birds do this to dry their wings, warm their wings, or cook their parasites. None of … Continue reading

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  The Bufflehead Duck is a small waterbird of winter. It has been around the Lake for nearly a month now, and is likely to stay through April of next year. The striking black and white plumage of the male … Continue reading

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