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Horaltic dipper

  The dipper is perhaps the most unusual bird in this region. It is a songbird that hunts for comestibles on the floor of turbulent mountain streams. It peeks below the water’s surface and dives to the creek bottom to … Continue reading

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Pied-billed Grebe

  Along the West Arm of Kootenay Lake, the Pied-billed Grebe is not all that common. That it is seen primarily in the spring and fall, suggests that we usually see migrants that breed farther north. When the bird comes … Continue reading

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Lollygagging heron

  A young Great Blue Heron stood on one foot and lollygagged in the midday sun.  

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Spoonbill Crow

  Spoonbills are a genus of large wading birds with spoon-shaped bills. Alas, none of the species are found around the Lake.  What we do have is a spoonbill in morphology, if not in name: the Northern Shoveler.  Yet, I … Continue reading

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Woodpecker’s home probe

  For three days, a Pileated Woodpecker has been probing the outside of my house for comestibles. I don’t think that the bird discovers much, but it is welcome to anything it finds. A female Pileated Woodpecker checks for bugs … Continue reading

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Merganser liftoff

  What is the point of this morning’s picture? After all, a Common Merganser (this is a juvenile) lifts off from water a myriad times a day. I just found the image pleasing.  

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Rusty Blackbird

  The Rusty Blackbird is an infrequent visitor to the Lake. Indeed, most posted range maps suggest that it is not to be seen here at all. Yet, here it was on its fall migration foraging, apparently for arthropods, in … Continue reading

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  When spooked, a snipe bolts from its hiding place at a great speed and is gone. Consequently, shooting a flying snipe presents a considerable challenge. So much so, that those who became good at it were called snipers — … Continue reading

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Mystery bird

  Is the identity of this bird actually a mystery? Well, I know what it is. However, the Sybley Guide to Birds offered no guidance. And, Cornell’s Merlin Bird ID (an avian-recognition app) made a number of guesses, all of … Continue reading

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September goulash

  This is a compilation of a few images, none of which had its own posting in September. Ospreys have now almost vanished from the Lake by migrating far to the south. However, through September, they were still here fishing.  … Continue reading

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