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Merganserlings aplenty

  If merganserling isn’t a word, it should be: the chick of a merganser, as in duckling and gosling. Sources differ as to the number of eggs laid by a Common Merganser, but when it comes to merganserlings that survive … Continue reading

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Flickers tend chicks

  Flickers are now tending chicks in their cavity nests. When bringing food to its chicks, a flicker usually does not fly directly to the cavity where the chicks are. Rather it flies to some adjacent point and looks around for … Continue reading

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Heron’s nest

  Spotting a heron in its nest is not easy. The nests are uncommon, high in a tree, and generally hidden by the rest of the canopy. A chance opening in the foliage sometimes offers a peek. Rick Greene told … Continue reading

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Swallow’s saga

  Tree Swallows often nest in the cavities that Northern Flickers have carved in the pilings of docks. A person commits an offence if the person … possesses, takes, injures, molests or destroys a bird or its egg.     … Continue reading

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Wild Turkey chicks

  This is the season of chicks. Wild Turkey adults are large and highly visible; their chicks are small and inconspicuous. Mommy and three of her chicks forage in the grass. While Wild Turkey adults look almost comical, chicks can … Continue reading

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Species diversity

  A year ago on Canada Day, I posted a collection of my favourite images from the previous decade, and said: “My two-dozen mute portraits offer peeks into the charm and beauty of life in Canada.” Commenting on it, Carlo … Continue reading

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June goulash

  This a collection of June images, none of which has had a posting of its own. A female Common Yellowthroat watches for insects to eat. A male Common Yellowthroat has managed to catch a bug to eat. Two Yellow-bellied … Continue reading

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Problem hawk

  Sometimes I just don’t know what it is I am looking at.  Consider this hawk seen this morning: what is it? Suggestions are welcome.  

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Headless fish flying

  Unexpectedly, many of the fish flying around our skies are headless. That fish fly is courtesy of the good graces of ospreys. Yet, it is striking that many of these flying fish lack a head. After catching a fish, … Continue reading

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Caught mid-gronk

  The Great Blue Heron is fairly visible — yet it is listed as locally vulnerable. It is almost always silent — yet it was photographed mid-gronk. In one’s imagination, the raspy gronk of the heron is atavistic: the call of … Continue reading

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