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Loon returns

  Following the last posting, Osprey returns, now comes the Loon. As with my osprey observation, there have been a handful of others who have seen or heard loons in the past little while. But, this was my first sighting. … Continue reading

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Osprey returns

  For a couple of days there have been reports around the Lake of the return of Ospreys. I saw my first one (indeed, three of them) this morning. A newly arrived female Osprey lands on a branch.  

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Shrike while hot

  I have posted a handful of shots of the Northern Shrike in the last month (see, this, in particular). So, why more? This is a case of shrike while the iron is hot. This peculiar bird is hunting around … Continue reading

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Bird flights

  The canonical bird picture shows it perched in profile. Such a picture is useful for identification, and is relatively easy to take. When I say this, I don’t mean to imply that a profile is easy — just that … Continue reading

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Red-tailed couple

  Sometimes one happens upon a really nice scene. Such was the case this morning when, for the first time, I saw a close Red-tailed Hawk couple watching me from a snag. The female is on the left, the male … Continue reading

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March goulash

  This is a collection of images from March, each of which lacked a posting of its own. Such observations of nature serve as a balm to my own increasing social isolation. These are creatures oblivious to our present angst. … Continue reading

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Flicker fun

  It’s that time of year. Incoming. That was fun.  

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Finally bluebirds

  For a few days now, others have been seeing Mountain Bluebirds around the Lake. I failed to find them until today.  With the coming of spring, Mountain Bluebirds flow into this region in search of insects. They perch close … Continue reading

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Yard grouse

  Now is the time to start watching Ruffed Grouse. There seem to be many of them about and their mating period is coming up: April into May. I have two Ruffed Grouse that treat my yard as a portion … Continue reading

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House Finch

  Some sources claim that we don’t have House Finches here; others allow that we have some. The latter sources are correct.  The House Finch is an urban junky. It likes to hang out in cities where it mainly eats … Continue reading

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