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Unrequited yellowthroat

  The Common Yellowthroat is a warm-season warbler that is found in our patchy fields and wetlands. It feeds and breeds locally. I encountered a canoodling couple in some wetlands. Each hung around the other bearing a grub to offer … Continue reading

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Canada’s diversity

  Today, July 1st, marks Canada Day and the country’s 152nd birthday. Canadians value and celebrate diversity — by which they mean cultural diversity. However, some feel that the preservation of our species diversity merits a similar attention. This selection … Continue reading

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June goulash

  This is a collection of images from June, none of which has had a posting of its own. The Cedar Waxwing breeds around here in the summer. This Eastern Kingbird feels the need to express its opinion. A Cedar … Continue reading

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A heron flew by

  Following my posting, an eagle juvenile flew by, I watched a Great Blue Heron do likewise. Mind you, the heron did not look my way, as the Bald Eagle had, but just went about its business of monitoring the … Continue reading

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Eagle juvenile flew by

  A juvenile Bald Eagle flew by.  

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Loon stressed

  Yesterday’s posting asked whether a loon rising out of the water and flapping its spread wings represented preening or aggression. A brochure, Learn to Read the Signs, from the Loon Preservation Committee says that the loon uses the wing … Continue reading

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Loon flapping

  Now and then, I have watched a loon rise out of the water and flap its wings. Why is it doing this? The Web gives me conflicting explanations of this behaviour. Some sources explain that this is merely an … Continue reading

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  Of late, raptors have become more apparent. A week ago, a Great Horned Owlet was still in its downy plumage. I see a Red-tailed Hawk only a few times a year. This one was soaring overhead. The next day … Continue reading

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Spotty scraping

  Spotted Sandpipers are somewhat unusual for they have a sexual role reversal: Males are largely passive; Females are territorial, sexually aggressive, and promiscuous. Previous years, I have captured scenes of sexual aggression, and mating. I now seem to have … Continue reading

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Four dipper chicks

  There is a dipper’s nest under a highway bridge. The nest has been featured here in other years: 2016, 2015. Over the winter, the nest was damaged, but the dippers still used it. Dipper parents frequently brought things to … Continue reading

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