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Coot aggression

  Coots remain territorial year round. So even when they form large gregarious winter flocks, they will aggressively attack one another. It is the off season for coot breeding and there seems to be little to defend, yet they still … Continue reading

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Four swans plus one

  Five swans have been hanging out at Nelson’s waterfront for a few days. They have stopped by to refuel during their long migration south from the Arctic. Despite the appearance of being a single family of five, it is … Continue reading

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October goulash

  This is a collection of images from this October, none of which has had a posting of its own. The month started slowly with many walks producing few good observations, but things improved towards month’s end. A dozen different … Continue reading

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Bufflehead iridescence

  Bufflehead Ducks might be seen throughout the year, but they become fairly common during cold months. In the past couple of weeks, buffleheads have been appearing around the area. They are our smallest duck: a black and white male … Continue reading

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Grebe & fish

  Our four regular grebes all dive underwater to forage. The smallest of these is the Pied-billed Grebe. It mostly eats small fish and crustaceans, such as crayfish, which it captures and crushes with its stout bill and strong jaws … Continue reading

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Scoter goes astray

  Surf Scoters are really uncommon visitors to this region. In the summer, Surf Scoters breed beside small boreal lakes, all of which are at least 800 km north of here. They winter along the Pacific coast, over 400 km … Continue reading

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Soon to go

  Warm-season insectivores leave the region in October as the supply of insects and spiders diminishes. Many head for the southern USA, Mexico, or Central America. Three of these soon-to-be departed species were seen on a walk in yesterday’s sunshine. … Continue reading

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September goulash

  This September’s goulash is thin gruel: only two previously unposted images from a generally sparse month of postings. There are two unusual features to this picture of a chipmunk. I usually see chipmunks in the mountains rather than at … Continue reading

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Magpie iridescence

  Magpies do not favour this region because it is highly forested. These birds prefer open habitats with occasional clumps of trees. Consequently, there are few opportunities to capture pictures of magpie iridescence. The pigmentation of a magpie’s feathers produces … Continue reading

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Pileated in training

  It is not a regular sight to see two Pileated Woodpeckers jointly foraging on the same tree. On the two previous occasions the foragers were a male and female. As the Pileated Woodpecker is both monogamous and territorial, a … Continue reading

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