Tracks in snow


After an overnight dusting of snow, I like to look for animal tracks in my yard to discover what creatures share my space. Sometimes no one comes; sometimes snow keeps falling and covers the evidence. Now and then I see things.

I am uncertain as to this visitor, but I think it is a snowshoe hare.

This is squirrel. It is heading from bottom to top. As it bounds, its smaller forepaws land first and its larger hindpaws swing past them.

Raccoon tracks are really distinctive: each adjacent pair shows a larger hindpaw and a smaller forepaw. Its distinctive toes are evident, as are the tracks of a deer that crosses its path.

There were a great many deer tracks in the yard. It was as if I were played host to a cervine symposium. Whatever the agenda, it is clear that some deer did a great deal of foot-dragging. 

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