Back again


My postings have been so few of late that a subscriber speculated that she had fallen off my list. No, nothing changed other than my productivity. However, like the sub-adult Bald Eagle below, the time has come for me to feast on nature’s delicacies again.

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3 Responses to Back again

  1. Bob Ritchie says:

    Thats OK, this has been a draggy winter for all of us, may have something to do with age. Glad to see you back on the game again.

  2. slydog says:

    That’s not OK. Man cannot live on a steady diet of Trump alone.

    • Alistair says:

      Doug, Trump? What in the world is a Trump? I guess that you must be referring to a Trumpeter Swan, a species which has been here on the Lake for months now. Indeed, I saw three of them today. I believe that I could live on a steady diet of such Trumps. Do you have a problem with this?

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