Spread eagle


This Bald Eagle was hunting a duck. This was not a good day to be that duck.

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4 Responses to Spread eagle

  1. Bob Ritchie says:

    When I lived on the remote coast of BC we would see the Eagles in the winter. I guess times were tough so they would continually dive at a duck until it had no reserve air left and could not submerge anymore and then the Eagle would have lunch. This was in the winter but did not see this in the summer.

    • Alistair says:

      Bob, in this case, the eagle tried that, but failed. The duck was close to a dock with air pockets under it and so hid out there until the eagle gave up: duck 1, eagle 0.

  2. Great photo. The first bald eagle I ever saw took a duck from the water in a backwater of Chesapeake Bay.

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