Merganser liftoff


What is the point of this morning’s picture? After all, a Common Merganser (this is a juvenile) lifts off from water a myriad times a day.

I just found the image pleasing.


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8 Responses to Merganser liftoff

  1. Helen says:

    And so you should find it pleasing!! What a great shot. Still water is a wonderful thing!.

  2. Judy Brown says:

    Lovely shot! I had to look up the difference between a juvenile and non breed adult – now I know what to look for!

  3. EdM. says:

    wow. how can we be sure you didn’t post the photograph upside down 🙂

    • Alistair says:

      Ed, chuckle, I will offer a straight-faced response:

        • the line of symmetry for the left wing is lower than that of the right;
        • the lower image is a blend of reflection and background;
        • the lower image shows more of the bird’s ventral and less of its dorsal surface;
        • the lower image is not as sharp.


  4. Karen Pidcock says:

    Absolutely…I agree with Helen…plenty pleasing to me!!! Thanks!

  5. Margo says:

    And we learn even more from the response!

  6. Who wouldn’t! It’s gorgeous.

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