Pygmy Owl


Pygmy Owls are altitudinal migrants: high country in the warm months; valley bottoms in the cold months. Although seen, the Pygmy Owl has not been as common this winter as some other years. It may be that this year’s sparsity of irruptive birds, upon which this owl feeds, has prompted it to not bother with visiting the valleys.

A Pygmy Owl hunts from a power line.


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4 Responses to Pygmy Owl

  1. Christine Boyd says:

    What a fantastic photo of this little owl!

  2. colleen says:


    Thanks for sharing this photo!

  3. Alastair Urquhart. says:

    Amazing picture, incredible eyes. Thanks.

  4. wendy scott says:

    Some time ago a pygmy owl perched silent and still in my cherry tree until a mouse poked his head out from under my deck. It took a split second for the owl to re-appear in another tree facing away from me with a mouse tail between his legs.

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