Yellow warbler nest


The Yellow Warbler is a long-distant migrant that is here from May to September. But just try to photograph it. It is small and very fast as it flits from place to place. My daughter, Cynthia, found a nest it was creating and we occasionally have been watching it — from a distance.

So far we have not been close to the Yellow Warbler, so I have included a picture from a few years ago where, by happenstance, I passed by quite close to one.

In its foraging around its nest it now seemed to be searching for fluff. Photo by Cynthia.

The fluff was returned to its nest for padding around eggs and chicks. Photo by Cynthia.

It probably has yet to lay an egg. It seems to still be building the nest.


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4 Responses to Yellow warbler nest

  1. Tom Johnston says:

    As always, more striking and beautiful images Alistair and family. Plus the usual bonus, little known details about our native flora, fauna and environment. I’m grateful for your skills and generosity.

  2. Karen Pidcock says:

    Thanks for showing me what I’d otherwise miss, Alistair!!

  3. Vicki says:

    We get far fewer birds in the Little Slocan valley, and almost none in yellow, so when I saw a small yellow bird flitting around in the bushes by my door a few days ago I was gobsmacked! I watched it for five minutes, then sent a description to a friend. She thought it was a warbler of the Wilson’s persuasion, but I dunno – it had a pure yellow beak. Not one warbler in my book has a yellow beak. Really looked like these photos of your’s tho. It gave off a little whistle, twice. A two note sound, with the second note a little lower than the first. What do you think?

    • Stephen Wells says:

      You might try downloading the Merlin app on your phone. It’s free and has a feature where you can have it listen to bird sounds and help identify. It’s a great bonus tool to confirm sightings.

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