Deer and squirrel


Two mammals posed for portraits in a short time this morning.

This is a white-tailed buck with misshapen antlers: an extra spike and nodules at the base. Apparently, these can be caused by damage to the deer’s pedicles (region from which antlers grow). However, this buck also had a truncated tail, so it may have had more problems.

The Columbian ground squirrel is fairly common, but it rarely approaches closely and poses.


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2 Responses to Deer and squirrel

  1. Carlo says:

    On the lawns in Manning Park, the abundant Columbian squirrels are also difficult to photograph, for a different reason. When you approach, they immediately run right up to your feet, hoping for a handout.

  2. Christine Boyd says:

    I can almost see the squirrel’s nose twitching! Beautiful portraits Alistair.

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