July goulash


This is a collection of images from this July that did not have postings of their own.

The idiom, snake in the grass, implies treachery. In reality, our garter snake is harmless.

This Cedar Waxwing seemed intent on expressing its opinion.

Here is a Wild Turkey mommy with her eleven chicks.

Mommy osprey has torn off a bit of fish and is feeding it to one of her three chicks.

A female Western Tanager rests between flights.

A juvenile robin has a speckled breast.

We get many different flycatchers during the warm season. This is probably the Dusky Flycatcher.

This family portrait shows mommy osprey (in the back) with her three chicks.

Normally, it is the white-tailed deer that is seen in the valleys. This, however, is the mule deer.


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2 Responses to July goulash

  1. Colleen Scissons says:

    AWW the beauty of each of these photos. Their personalities are so evident! Thank you so much for the hours of enjoyment I get from viewing your posts!

  2. Judy Brown says:

    Eleven turkey chicks? No wonder they’re increasing their territory!

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