Marmot portraits


I visited Marmot Village hoping to get pictures of residents doing something interesting. No such luck — the word, torpidity, came to mind. The yellow-bellied marmots would watch the watchers, but they barely budged.

If you ignore the marmot’s size, this big male looks almost leonine.

This scene appears about as it did to the naked eye. Yet, the shallow depth of field of the telephoto lens meant that only one marmot could be in sharp focus at a time. Consequently this picture is a composite of consecutive shots that differed only in focus. 



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2 Responses to Marmot portraits

  1. Allan Hobden says:

    I have always appreciated in Alberta – first observed when hiking in BC…in the mountains..our daughter lives in West Kelowna..and she has a family in their very urban street rock wall.

  2. Gail Frampton says:

    Love your photos Alistair! Gail

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