Mountain Bluebird


Mountain Bluebirds are arriving. They like open fields where they hunt insects from low perches. Once an insect is spotted, the bird dives on it, returns to a perch, and feasts.

A splash of blue sits in the leafless brush watching the dry grass below.

Between forays, the bluebird preens,  

and fluffs.

A grub, having been spotted, is quickly retrieved, 

and promptly downed.

The cerulean beauty watches between pounces.


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8 Responses to Mountain Bluebird

  1. Lyn Baldwin says:

    Alistair; your lovely photo of the bluebird reminds me how all lives are made of a multitude of tiny moments. Thank you.

  2. Mavis Kerr says:


  3. birthe says:

    I love the pom-pom bluebird, he made me smile

  4. Karen Pidcock says:

    What lovely blue Easter eye-candy…thanks so much!!

  5. VH says:

    leaving me breathless – and blue, because… you know…

  6. Allan Hobden says:

    ..I was slightly grey blue today..then I saw these pics..!!..oh so blue!!..especially`fluffs – it tickles me!!! Thanks for these..Happy Easter! Allan.

  7. Trevor Goward says:

    Thanks Alistair

    For myself, I find I’m partial to the portrait that closes this little gallery: blue on blue, you contemplate the blueness of the bird as it contemplates you.

    Happy Easter to you and yours

  8. Father Jim says:

    Ever since my chilhood (70+ years ago) in Trinity Valley I have delighted in the delicate yet strong enough blue of the Mountain Bluebird. (I did not see a Western Bluebird until I was an adult.) Thank you, Alistair – and Happy Easter to all!

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