Two bear species


As I reflect on the time writing this blog, it strikes me that yesterday was the first time I have seen both of our bear species in one day. Both animals were foraging.

The grizzly bear was seen first in the predawn light. While not assured, it was an anticipated sighting. In the afternoon, the black bear was seen. Although it was an animal I had seen before, it was unexpected. 

This prompts a question about black bears and why are they plentiful in the valleys at this time of year. Have the snows aloft and the rainy weather in the valleys driven them down?

A grizzly bear was foraging in the predawn light.

A black bear, wearing a blaze, visited my home while scrounging the neighbourhood. 


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2 Responses to Two bear species

  1. Mary J Williams says:

    Looks like he has a sore or infected spot on his muzzle.

  2. Karen Pidcock says:

    Great photo images of the contrasts between them, so thanks, Alistair!

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