Merganser and fish


There are many mergansers on the Lake. Mergansers eat fish. But catch a merganser downing a fish. Lots of luck with that one. It happens very fast. The last time I succeeded with that was seven years ago.

A male Merganser tips his head back and swallows a fish whole.


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6 Responses to Merganser and fish

  1. Cynthia says:


  2. Allan Hobden says:

    Great `catch!

  3. Douglas Ramsden says:

    Hi Alistair

    My father Alan Ramsden was a very big fan of your photos and of course a good friend and museum colleague. I just wanted to add that I am also a fan and have enjoyed your kootenay lake photos. Now that I am retired I hope to capture kootenay lake wildlife photos as we are now spending the summers here at the family camp. Looking forward to more of your fabulous photos.

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