Sea lions


Sea lions: When posted, I called these seals. Mike C set me straight — so, sea lions it is.

There is a point to showing sea lions in this posting: I am at the Coast. I am not at my usual place of the Lake. Sea lions serves this purpose in that they are not found inland. 

However, the next few postings contain pictures that could have been taken at either place, but they are from the Coast.

A sea lion expresses its opinion.


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5 Responses to Sea lions

  1. Mary Williams says:

    awesome photo

  2. Mike C. says:

    Sorry, they may have been in a harbour, but these are sea lions, probably female Stellar or possibly California sea lions. Great photo though! Harbour seals are much rounder and softer in the face.

  3. Rebecca Schram says:

    Fabulous action shot! By the way, I realize this isn’t about seals, but we have seen seals in Harrison Lake. They swim up the Harrison River.

  4. Bob Ritchie says:

    They also show up in Nimpkish Lake on Vancouver Island probably about 25 k from the ocean, they birth on a couple of islands

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