Two interesting visitors


The last week has been bitterly cold with bouts of steam fog and snow. Critters seemed few in number, but it has warmed, and recently there were interesting visitors.

Two Trumpeter Swans came along the shore feeding midday. They were followed by two more that also came, fed and left. This was a deviation of the usual practise of spending a long time sticking around one spot to feed. 

But the prize was a bobcat. It was probably the same one that came in January last year, for it headed for the bird feeder undoubtedly hoping to capture a winged creature. Lacking success, it left and promptly captured something that was then carried it off in its jaw (probably a squirrel). That it is a bobcat is evident by its short tail, the white patches on the ears, and the tufts on their tops. Photo by Cynthia Fraser.


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2 Responses to Two interesting visitors

  1. Karen Pidcock says:

    Thanks for the tail end, Cynthia! Better than no sighting at all!!

  2. Stephen Wells says:

    Beautiful! I always think of domestic cats stalking bird feeders (unfortunately), but it makes sense that a wild feline would figure that out too.

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