Fiery sunrise


The rather wet spring has protected us from most forest fires this summer, although there have been a few minor ones. At the moment, there is small fire in the Purcell Mountains (adjacent to Sphinx Mountain) on the east side of the Lake. As seen from the West Arm, the Sun appears orange as it rises through the smoke. People in industrial settings may be used to such colours, but given the normal clarity of the atmosphere around here, we are not. The event is illustrated, not with a picture of the Sun, itself, but with one of the Sun’s reflection on the rippled waters.

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3 Responses to Fiery sunrise

  1. Jana Malinek says:

    Alistair, this is exquisite! Thank you.

  2. Robert Ritchie says:

    Stunning, I keep trying to replicate scenes like this but my efforts are pale in comparison.

  3. A. Ireland says:

    Unbelievable!! I can see that as an acrylic painting using the paint straight from the tube and using a palette knife! Way to go Alistair!

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