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  October is a month of transitions. Katabatic winds flow out over the water and give rise to ephemeral sprites of steam fog. Curiously, despite the gentleness of the wind, a steam devil emerges. The orangish colours of Western Larch … Continue reading

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White line

  Some interesting lake features are most easily seen during the low water of April. Such is the case for the white line that runs around the rocky portions of the lakeshore. I last discussed the white line seven years … Continue reading

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  When I was a child, I was told of two kinds of trees: deciduous and conifer. This distinction seemed odd, for these are not matching classifications: deciduous refers to a seasonal shedding of leaves; conifer to a reproductive structure. … Continue reading

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Underwater spring

  Video: It is rare that I think that a posting would have been improved by the inclusion of a video clip. I am usually more concerned with stopping motion than showing it. However today, a movieĀ  clip would have … Continue reading

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June goulash

  This a collection of June images, none of which has had a posting of its own. A female Common Yellowthroat watches for insects to eat. A male Common Yellowthroat has managed to catch a bug to eat. Two Yellow-bellied … Continue reading

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KCPP boardwalk

  Two years ago, I took a picture of the boardwalk in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. This path links the creek with the the spawning channel and the Nature Centre. I noted then that plans were underfoot to replace the … Continue reading

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Dabbling pits

  The low water of March is the time to see freshly exposed mud spotted with dabbling pits. Why mud? Why dabbling pits? Turn back the calendar to the normal water level of the previous summer. Waves wash the sandy … Continue reading

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Kaslo views

  Cameras were made for Kaslo. This picturesque village sits on a delta with its toes in Kootenay Lake and its head against the Selkirk Mountains. Its homes and historical buildings are well maintained, and the SS Moyie is a … Continue reading

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  In the fall, my favourite deciduous tree is actually a conifer: the larch. Although a conifer, the needles of the larch become orange in the fall and are then shed. Larch trees border a mountain lake.

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Incidental images

  Outdoors, I often am looking for something specific, maybe a wild orchid, maybe a grizzly bear. While this approach is often successful, this fall, it has not been. I head out but don’t see many things previous years would … Continue reading

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