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Tuesday’s halo complex

  On Tuesday, there was overrunning of cirrus over the Lake. On Wednesday, there was rain. Lorraine Symmes took a picture to the west and sent it to me. It showed a halo complex, something that often precedes rain. All … Continue reading

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Coloured trees

  Occasionally the trees in the forest adopt strange colours.

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  The sky is not always gunmetal grey in the winter.  

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Not frost

  A rough-hewn hand rail in the Park was covered with what I thought at first was frost. However, there was something odd about it: the ice was in the form of tiny towers. They looked different than all the … Continue reading

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September goulash

  My usual claim for my monthly goulash is that it presents a collection of images that lacked postings of their own. Again true this month, it was also the case that previous postings this September were remarkably few — … Continue reading

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Earth Day

  Yesterday was Earth Day. I have looked at many pictures posted by media to mark Earth Day. Curiously, many of them show crowds of humans — and so features the celebrants rather than the thing being celebrated. Other stories … Continue reading

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Variegated trees

  The rainbow season begins with a show of variegated trees on the mountainside.  

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Dipper under ice

  A dipper sometimes forages under ice.  I believe I know when and why it does so. The odd thing about this, is that I have often watched a dipper stand on the border ice along a creek, dive into … Continue reading

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January’s goulash

  Each of these January images lacked a posting of its own and so is assembled here. Hooded Mergansers show their interest in each other, even at this time of year, by raising their crests and displaying. These two pictures … Continue reading

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  This topic is probably of little interest to non-boaters. Indeed, it isn’t even of much interest to boaters on most of the lakes of the world. However, for our boaters — bingo. The topic is the rip.  not the … Continue reading

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