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Osprey & fish

  The recent posting about fish and bears might have left the impression that it was only bears that take advantage of spawning kokanee salmon. Not so: eagles, ospreys, ravens and gulls do likewise. Mind you, this Osprey flying past … Continue reading

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Fish & bears

  Creeks fill with spawning kokanee salmon; bears come to feast; people come to watch. Mind you, it is not easy to coordinate a visit with the bears: They follow their own clocks. This has been a rather good year … Continue reading

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Canadian life

  Today — July 1st, 2017 — marks the sesquicentenary of the creation of Canada as a nation. My two-dozen mute portraits offer peeks into the charm and beauty of life in Canada.

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Golden pearls

  As dippers worked a creek, it seemed as if they were pearl divers searching for rare golden orbs. If judged solely by appearance, the dipper is a nondescript little bird. That assessment changes when one watches the bird’s antics: It is a … Continue reading

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Merganser eats

  Most waterbirds that eat fish, swallow it whole: Great Blue Heron, Common Merganser, Horned Grebe, Pied-billed Grebe, Common Loon, Belted Kingfisher. These birds lack the ability to hold a fish with claws, tear it apart, and eat it piece … Continue reading

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Three birds that fish

  As I wandered along the shore, I watched three birds that fish. The osprey has been featured many times with fish. By now most adults have left for the south, leaving the juveniles to follow. That this is a juvenile … Continue reading

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Headless fish flying

  Thirteen months ago, I posted a blog entitled, headless fish flying, which explored the reasons one can see such fish flying across our skies.  Today, I post pictures of the same thing taken over this last week, although this time … Continue reading

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Osprey feeds

  It is now the second week of September. Osprey chicks have (substantially) fledged and are hunting on their own. Consequently, the adults have to feed only themselves and, after catching a fish, often stop on a snag to eat. … Continue reading

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Win some …

  The spawning season for kokanee brings out both predators and cameras. This combination increases the chances of capturing interesting scenes. Yesterday’s walk recorded winners and losers among the predators and some rather satisfying images. A Common Merganser chasing a fish produces an impressive burst of speed — … Continue reading

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Kingfisher’s fish

  I am used to seeing kingfishers hunt from pilings. This one is a juvenile. It seeks minnows and fry such as these shown a week ago Having spotted something, the bird dives. Carrying a minnow, it picks a piling … Continue reading

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