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Hoodie eats

  The Hooded Merganser has been featured of late. First came a posting about hoodie courting, then the bird played a bit part in birds eat. The latter posting showed that, lacking teeth and any way to tear apart prey, … Continue reading

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Birds eat

  Birds do not chew their food. Indeed, only a few birds (mainly raptors) can even tear their food into smaller chunks before swallowing it. Certainly, a few birds will pick at fruit on a tree and gulls will pick … Continue reading

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Incidental images

  Outdoors, I often am looking for something specific, maybe a wild orchid, maybe a grizzly bear. While this approach is often successful, this fall, it has not been. I head out but don’t see many things previous years would … Continue reading

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Bears feed

  After weeks of regular visits to a local creek, I managed some clear views of a family of Black Bears feeding on the bountiful Kokanee. The cubs are now old enough to catch fish on their own. The sow … Continue reading

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Kokanee scavenger

  Yesterday, I casually presented a list of some predators of spawning kokanee. In addition to bears, I listed: eagles, ospreys, ravens, and gulls. Bert Port then added mallards, and while I suggested they snack on the eggs, these could … Continue reading

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Osprey & fish

  The recent posting about fish and bears might have left the impression that it was only bears that take advantage of spawning kokanee salmon. Not so: eagles, ospreys, ravens and gulls do likewise. Mind you, this Osprey flying past … Continue reading

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Fish & bears

  Creeks fill with spawning kokanee salmon; bears come to feast; people come to watch. Mind you, it is not easy to coordinate a visit with the bears: They follow their own clocks. This has been a rather good year … Continue reading

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Canadian life

  Today — July 1st, 2017 — marks the sesquicentenary of the creation of Canada as a nation. My two-dozen mute portraits offer peeks into the charm and beauty of life in Canada.

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Golden pearls

  As dippers worked a creek, it seemed as if they were pearl divers searching for rare golden orbs. If judged solely by appearance, the dipper is a nondescript little bird. That assessment changes when one watches the bird’s antics: It is a … Continue reading

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Merganser eats

  Most waterbirds that eat fish, swallow it whole: Great Blue Heron, Common Merganser, Horned Grebe, Pied-billed Grebe, Common Loon, Belted Kingfisher. These birds lack the ability to hold a fish with claws, tear it apart, and eat it piece … Continue reading

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