Killdeer skating


Killdeers are the first shorebirds to arrive each year. They have been reported from around the region for a week now. This year, some encountered ice.

A frozen pond did not prove as inviting to an arriving killdeer as would a watery shoreline. 

It decided to go elsewhere, but taking off from ice proved to be a dignity-destroying affair.

It regained its footing only to look like a beginning skater. 

Finally airborne, it chirped its displeasure with ice in late March. 

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4 Responses to Killdeer skating

  1. B. says:

    That’s what I look like when I try to skate.

  2. Margo Saunders says:

    One of Murphy’s Laws: The more embarrassing it is, the more (people, birds) will see it.

  3. Travis says:

    Great series!

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