Small antlers


White-tailed deer are a fairly common sight around the Lake. Usually, what is seen is a doe with fawns, and only occasionally a buck on its own.

So, it was unexpected to see a buck and a doe browsing together yesterday.

The lack of a pedicle (the base from which an antler grows) indicates this is a female.

Although it is now mid February, the buck retains last year’s antlers; they are soon to be shed. The antlers are small and show few branches, suggesting that these are his first antlers. So the buck is less than two years old, and the two deer are likely siblings, together from birth.


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2 Responses to Small antlers

  1. birthe says:

    Gorgeous photos. I still haven’t seen a buck despite all the years I’ve lived here.
    So thank you Alistair for sharing these photos.

  2. Trevor Goward says:

    I feel myself actively “addressed” by his gaze. Powerful shot. Thanks Alistair.

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