Wild Turkeys


When I was a child here, there were no turkeys to be found locally. Wild Turkeys were introduced in the states to the south of us to appease hunters. Some subsequently wandered across the border and have become a staple, so much so that there are few jaunts about the valley where they go unobserved. As a present fixture, they are hardly worth picturing. Hardly, except when….

For a short time in the spring, the males are dressed in their grandest finery. It is then that they mate.

A female Wild Turkey is presented with a problem: which one to pick?


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3 Responses to Wild Turkeys

  1. Lucy Lopez says:

    I thought good things come in threes…
    Lucky her!!

  2. Gail Frampton says:

    What a Gorgeous photo! Thanks Alistair!

  3. DellaC.Fenkner says:

    “Alright then, lady, make up your mind!” That is an imperious-
    looking trio!

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