August’s goulash


This is a collection of August’s pictures that lacked a posting of their own. 

This strange looking bird is just a juvenile Robin.

Wintering in the Amazon, this Red-eyed Vireo is near the limit of its summer range. The red eye does not appear until after the first year.

It is always pleasant to see a Robin with a mouthful of worms.

This cluster of millimetre-sized eggs was on the beach in a deer’s footprint. They lasted for a few days until something ate them. But, what would have they become?

A eight-spotted skimmer (dragonfly) is a common feature of a summer’s day.

The ubiquitous red squirrel is a noisy character. It lives among us, but regularly complains about our presence. This one is chewing me out for walking beside my home.

A juvenile Great Blue Heron is not only catching minnows, it is also objecting to being watched. The hint is the wag of its tail which was rapidly moved back and forth. It kept this up for a few fish catches but finally ignored my presence and just went about its business.

I do not know what this Loon is saying with this display. Sometimes this means go away, but I was distant and probably unnoticed.

Here is an Osprey carrying sticks and brush. But it is the end of August, so there is no nest to be built. Up until now, it has brought fish to its nest for the chicks, but now it is trying to persuade its chicks to get out and catch fish on their own for it soon will migrate. The sticks are a message that says “the molly-codling is over”.

I rarely am this close to a Turkey Vulture.

From toad amplexus at the beginning of July, through eggs, to tadpoles, and now toadlets, this tiny fellow was migrating across the beach.

It is late August and the ghost pipe (previously listed as Indian pipe) is starting to turn black.

My favourite picture of August, was this White-tailed Deer cautiously looking out of a field of overgrown grass.


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5 Responses to August’s goulash

  1. Allan Hobden says:

    Good `goulash!

  2. Trevor Goward says:

    For what it’s worth, my favourite is the turkey vulture: the way you’ve framed it. Well done!

  3. Grace says:

    I love the robin with the huge stash of worms wriggling in it’s beak.

  4. Karen Pidcock says:

    I’m so glad Indian pipe is renamed….since it is so ghost-like, I’ve always thought!

    But pray tell, those eggs might have become what?

    Thanks for this lovely late summer pot pouri!

  5. Gail Frampton says:

    Lovely photos Alistair! I love them all-especially the Turkey Vulture one!

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