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Crab spider

  The hover fly is an innocent little fly, and with the advent of warm weather, there are a number of them about doing what they do: pollinate flowers. Not all creatures view them so benignly. A few hover flies … Continue reading

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March’s goulash

  This is a collection of March pictures that lacked a posting of their own.  Spring migrants arrive in March, although this year, their arrival was delayed by snows so most  migrants appeared later in the month. A few weren’t … Continue reading

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Disheveled darner

  The flight season of the Shadow Darner lasts into October making it perhaps the last dragonfly of the year.  The female that landed on a piling and made feeble attempts to lay eggs. It looked thoroughly disheveled, with its … Continue reading

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September goulash

  My usual claim for my monthly goulash is that it presents a collection of images that lacked postings of their own. Again true this month, it was also the case that previous postings this September were remarkably few — … Continue reading

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Four flyers

  Following the posting about three mammals, it is appropriate to treat birds — well, things that fly. And this includes insects. A damselfly is a common feature of lakeside living in the summer. But, not this one. When damselflies … Continue reading

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June goulash

  This is a selection of June images none of which had a posting of its own. While not exclusively birds, there is certainly a preponderance of them. Two Bald Eagle chicks still in the nest are scrapping over a … Continue reading

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Two dragonflies

  It seemed a bit early to see the first dragonflies of the season, but there they were. And a welcome sight they were. These acrobatic aerial predators are especially partial to mosquitoes, flies, mayflies, midges, and gnats. If the … Continue reading

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Crabbing season

  The crabbing season has begun, so I went crabbing.  Mind you, I am not talking about the crabs found in oceans, but the crab spiders found here (and elsewhere). A crab spider is an ambush predator that waits patiently … Continue reading

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Local tigers

  Almost simultaneously, the tigers have arrived. They are: a tiger beetle, a tiger butterfly, and a tiger lily. I have commented previously, somewhat whimsically, on our rather odd naming conventions for species: butter sipping (on butterflies and buttercups); horned … Continue reading

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Butter sipping

  I am sure the participants did not appreciate the etymological niceties of their situation as a butterfly sipped nutrients from a buttercup. The names of each species seem to have been of imitative origin, and resulted from their yellowish … Continue reading

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