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Falcon feeding

  A falcon is a small raptor that uses speed to prey upon insects, rodents, and small birds. We have two falcons present year round (plus three occasional visitors). The smallest of our regular falcons is the Kestrel (80–165 g). … Continue reading

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Darner mating

  One might think that the dragonfly season would be over — not so. Seen here are (what I believe are) lance-tipped darners mating three days ago. The male (more bluish) is the one above, while the female (yellowish head … Continue reading

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Osprey harassed

  This has been a really good year for wasps — not so good for the rest of us. Ospreys feed on fish, and wasps really like that. An osprey has taken a fresh fish to the top of a … Continue reading

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Western yellowjacket

  The western yellowjacket is a versatile wasp. It will nest in the ground, in tree trunks, or under the eves of porches. As with most of the creatures around, I tend to adopt a live-and-let-live approach. However, when this … Continue reading

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July goulash

  This is a collection of a dozen images from July, none of which has had a posting of its own. Where have all the male Mallards gone? They are here, but are in their eclipse plumage, which makes them … Continue reading

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Deer fly eggs

  A half-dozen deer flies, Chrysops figidus(?), were laying eggs just above the waterline on a long-decommissioned piling. In their preparation for laying eggs, it is these female deer flies that inflict painful bites as they seek blood that is … Continue reading

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Fat and yellow

  As far as I can tell, the daisy is the favourite local hunting ground of crab spiders (Misumena vatia), so when the daisies bloom, I scan them for spiders. The crab spider is a chameleon: it can change colour … Continue reading

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Dew, not dew

  The web of an orb-weaving spider covered in matutinal drops of water is undoubtedly beautiful. But, is the web really covered in dew — as is claimed by a myriad of photo sites? Alas, this is something for which … Continue reading

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Chimeric hymenopteran

  The insect that alighted on a leaf near me had the look of a chimera, a mythical beast assembled from the parts of other animals. It had a wasp’s head, a bee’s hairy body; and a butterfly’s clubbed antennae. … Continue reading

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Rapidity of May

  The rapidity of May is the speed of change that takes place as the region shifts from winter to summer. Events pile up on my camera. Here are a few of them. The rising waters of the Lake overflow … Continue reading

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