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Guttation of spring

  A sure sign of new springtime growth is guttation. The water drops on the grass in the morning might have been casually dismissed as being dew. Not so, they are guttation. OK, there was also some dew on the … Continue reading

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July goulash

  This is a collection of a dozen images from July, none of which has had a posting of its own. Where have all the male Mallards gone? They are here, but are in their eclipse plumage, which makes them … Continue reading

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Past-prime orchid

  Normally, I attempt to post a picture that shows something at its peak of perfection.¬† I am willing to make an exception. It is, after all, the Giant Helleborine. This flower is one of our local wild orchids, but … Continue reading

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Indian pipe

  Indian pipe, aka ghost pipe, is a flowering plant that lacks chlorophyll. It evolved to survive in the sunless world of the deep forest floor, and acquires its energy by parasitizing surrounding trees. These Indian pipe plants were found … Continue reading

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Dew, not dew

  The web of an orb-weaving spider covered in matutinal drops of water is undoubtedly beautiful. But, is the web really covered in dew — as is claimed by a myriad of photo sites? Alas, this is something for which … Continue reading

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Sub-alpine delights

  There are delights in the high country that are unknown, or uncommon, in the valleys. Items, below, were seen a few days ago at an elevation of about 1600 metres. This is the Western Anemone (Pulsatilla occidentalis).¬†Another term for … Continue reading

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Wet slipper

  May postings began with two wildflowers: a lily (Glacier Lily), and a wild orchid (Fairy Slipper). Their tenure is now over. June postings begin with two more wildflowers: another lily (Queen’s Cup), and another wild orchid (Mountain Lady’s Slipper). … Continue reading

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Spring lily & orchid

  Flowers seem to time their blooming to optimize their interaction with pollinators. Two early spring bloomers were noticed today: a Glacier Lily and a Fairy Slipper (an orchid). This is one of a large crop of Glacier Lilies strewn … Continue reading

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Fall to winter

  Today, winter swept to the valley bottom. It seems that fall is not yet ready to concede defeat. Snow blankets the mountainside, but western larches proclaim its arrival is premature.

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  In the fall, my favourite deciduous tree is actually a conifer: the larch. Although a conifer, the needles of the larch become orange in the fall and are then shed. Larch trees border a mountain lake.

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