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Road rock

  A temporary break in the rains has left mountain slopes sodden. This has resulted in mudslides blocking highways.  When late in the day, one lane of this highway was opened to alternating traffic, it was clear that in addition to a few … Continue reading

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  Suncups are abutting bowl-shaped depressions in a snow surface. Typically they form high in the mountains during the spring when the wet-bulb temperature is below 0 °C.  I have travelled through suncups three-metres across and a half-metre deep on the névé … Continue reading

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Wave dispersion

  I am confused by success.  Below is a picture I have sought for months, yet, I don’t understand why I was able to get it now. It is a simple illustration of the dispersion of gravity waves on water.  On more than … Continue reading

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Lake ice

  My mother told me of the winter of 1934-35 when the Lake at Nelson froze and people and vehicles could cross on the ice. Indeed, a number of early reports and photographs tell of sternwheelers battling widespread ice on the West … Continue reading

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Snowflake’s view

  It is snowing. Here is one snowflake’s view as it drifts down to join its colleagues in a forest.

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Season of devils

  For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die….                               … Continue reading

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Green ice

  And now there came both mist and snow, And it grew wondrous cold: And ice, mast-high, came floating by, As green as emerald.            Samuel Taylor Coleridge  (1798)            The Rime … Continue reading

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Circumzenithal Arc

  It wasn’t the best I had seen, but this display of haloes in the direction of Nelson was better than any I had seen for a few years. I was alerted to it by the sight of a circumzenithal … Continue reading

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Katabatic wind

  A recurring theme of mine over the years has been that of a katabatic wind: the gentle stream of air that flows down a mountainside overnight. Indeed, I wrote about it fifty years ago, again this year with 23 cm/s, and with … Continue reading

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Making waves

  It may seem odd that I consider the picture below to be special. As a shot of a muskrat swimming, it is distinctly ho-hum. But, as a shot characterizing water waves, it is long-sought superb. This demands an explanation.  Almost any … Continue reading

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