The rains this October have offered few opportunities to wander about. These same conditions may have impeded the movement of some birds, which could account for yesterday’s late-season observation of a Western Meadowlark. 

The meadowlark is a grasslands species that forages on the ground for insects and seeds. So, it is not surprising that sightings are uncommon in our mountainous and heavily forested region. It is usually seen around May when it passes through the region to breed farther northwest. Starting in August, meadowlarks head south again. 

It was unexpected to see some between showers yesterday (late October), especially as they were foraging in a forest alongside a mountain road.

This Western Meadowlark, seen in May, is included merely to show the bird in its breeding plumage.

The meadowlark seen yesterday in a forest high above the Lake is in its muted non-breeding plumage.

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  1. Thank you so much Alistair…we so enjoy the beautiful photographs!

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