Problem hawk


Sometimes I just don’t know what it is I am looking at. 

Consider this hawk seen this morning: what is it?

Suggestions are welcome.


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5 Responses to Problem hawk

  1. Robin Lidstone says:

    Could it be a sharp shinned hawk ?..Rob.

  2. Kim Poole says:

    Definitely a buteo (broad-winged hawk family ). I suggest is it a 1 year old red-tailed hawk. The juvenile plumage is highly variable with this species. Note the tail feathers which are mostly light with banding, but there are a few red banded (and shorter) tail feathers in the middle, which to me are the second year adult-ish tail feathers coming in. Tail feather molt is generally from the inside out. Also, the yellow eye colour indicates this is a young bird (eye colour grades to brown in older red-tails). Kim

  3. Carlo says:

    There is an old saying among birders that goes “If in doubt, it’s a Red-tailed”.
    Kim has it spot on (except ‘Red-tailed Hawk’ should be capitalized). The bird looks like a Red-tailed, and young ones often have a lot of white. The clincher is the red feathers on the inner tail that Kim noted.

  4. Wendy says:

    Handsome bird!

  5. Alistair says:

    The votes are in. Three knowledgeable people have written to say this is a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. The youth of the bird accounts for the lack of much colour.

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