Western yellowjacket


The western yellowjacket is a versatile wasp. It will nest in the ground, in tree trunks, or under the eves of porches. As with most of the creatures around, I tend to adopt a live-and-let-live approach. However, when this yellowjacket bars entry through an occasionally used doorway by attacking visitors, I draw the line: the hive has to go.

Western yellowjacket wasps are building a hive on the lintel above an entrance doorway, and then terrorizing all who dare to pass by. This is war.


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3 Responses to Western yellowjacket

  1. derek says:

    Who won?

  2. Jo Groff says:

    peppermint oil with a hose attachment to spray is what I am going to use on the underground nest under my backyard willow tree

  3. wendy scott says:

    Spritz with water often works wonders — better when the little darlings are making plans — not into full scale construction

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