Four dipper chicks


There is a dipper’s nest under a highway bridge. The nest has been featured here in other years: 2016, 2015. Over the winter, the nest was damaged, but the dippers still used it.

Dipper parents frequently brought things to the nest. Sometimes it was moss to repair the nest, as the dipper in the upper left is doing. Sometimes it was food to feed the chicks, as dipper in the lower right is doing. However, if only one parent flew in and did repairs, the chicks complained bitterly about being slighted.

Although only three chicks were visible in the previous image, this shot shows four.


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3 Responses to Four dipper chicks

  1. Karen Pidcock says:

    What a catch, Alistair!

  2. Jennifer Ann Young says:

    wonderful photos. the colours are lovely too.

  3. Christine Boyd says:

    Great shots of the construction and chicks, and adults!

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