Tufted sparrow


Watch your surroundings long enough, and something distinctly odd may turn up — in this case a tufted sparrow. 

The bird is obviously a chick. It did not seem capable of flight and merely sat on the edge of a road. Two questions: What kind of bird is it? Why does it have antler-like feathery tufts extending from its head?

There have been really occasional sightings of tufted House Finch chicks, and a juvenile Chipping Sparrow, something my chick might be. However, I can find strikingly little information on such birds.

This tufted sparrow has confused me.


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3 Responses to Tufted sparrow

  1. Jean Simpson says:

    How did this poor little sparrow wind up on the road.?
    He looks so sad and unhappy

  2. Sarah says:

    Any news on this mystery? The “bill” looks sort of deformed. In searching online about ID for baby birds I found that Julie Zickefoose had written a book on them. On her website


    there is a place to write to her. She might have some ideas. This is very interesting!

    • Alistair says:

      Sarah, ah a relevant book — nice. I wonder if she discusses the tufts. I don’t think the chick’s bill is deformed; it is just an oversized chick’s bill.

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