Osprey nest maintenance


There is an osprey nest I have been casually watching. Usually a female is incubating there, but a male attends her. I have been waiting until chicks hatch and are big enough to peek over the edge of the nest.

The chicks are not yet visible, however something interesting occurred. While the female was off the nest, the male flew in with a stick to add to it. One might think that nest renovation would all have been done by this time of the year, but apparently it carries on.

A male osprey adds another stick to the couple’s nest.


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8 Responses to Osprey nest maintenance

  1. Joan says:

    Such elegance!

  2. Lorene Archdekin says:

    Fabulous picture! Thank you!

  3. Susan says:

    Oh of course if they are both off the nest then there must be fresh chicks. When do you think yours hatched?

  4. Irene McIlwaine says:

    He just saw a wee weak bit, and fixed it. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Karen Pidcock says:

    What industrious Osprey action you caught…thanks!

  6. Mary Lue Braun says:

    Beautiful shot.

  7. Trevor Goward says:

    To my eye, the presence of out-of-focus cloud behind the osprey confers a sense of movement, as though the bird were in process of landing in real time. Fine image!

    • Alistair says:

      Trevor, your comment is unique. No one else has commented on the background of one of my images (as distinct from the foreground). I have an acquaintance who speaks of the background as an integral part of the scene. Yet, who notices it, or how it is employed to complement the shot? Thank you.

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