Bears in a tree


From August until the snow flies, I keep an eye out at the valley bottoms for black bears. Five were seen apparently fattening up for hibernation: the first two fancied fish; others chose apples. Only the last two stuck around long enough for pictures for they were spotted asleep high in an apple tree. 

A century ago, this valley had many orchards: apples, pears, plums, and cherries. That industry died, but descendants of those trees linger. It is likely that only the wildlife knows where all of the remaining trees are.

A black bear cub snoozed on a branch high in an apple tree. Below it, and partially hidden by the trunk, was another sleeping bear (mommy?).

At one point, the cub lifted its head and drowsily glanced at the distant interlopers.


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2 Responses to Bears in a tree

  1. Christine Boyd says:

    Bears in a tree are fascinating to watch, as they climb up, and again when they descend. We’re in Blewett area and have been visited for several months by a mom and two cubs, watching the cubs chub up, and she too is large and healthy. We often see them run up trees, sometimes mom follows them. Now the area’s fruit trees are finally empty so we may not see them again this year. We’ve loved these sightings from a safe distance.

  2. Gail Frampton says:

    lovely photos once again! I love them.

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