Pygmy Owl


The Pygmy Owl lives in the alpine forest for most of the year, but in winter, it moves to lower elevations. Here it feeds on songbirds, particularly irruptive birds, a bird which occasionally migrates to a southern area in large numbers based mainly on food supply rather than a hormonal change.

So far this winter there have been a few irruptive birds, but not enough to satisfy the Pygmy Owl’s appetite. Consequently, there seem to be few Pygmy Owls around.

Saying there are few, doesn’t mean there are none. Here is a Pygmy Owl high in a tree.


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5 Responses to Pygmy Owl

  1. Sharon Henderson says:


  2. Bee says:

    Whooooooo me???

  3. Ian Robinson says:

    We have had an owl appear twice at our home near Balfour where have feeders that are quite active with finches and swallows. The first time the owl caught a bird bit it got away.
    Yesterday another owl appeared and sat on our suet feeder.

  4. Dawn Cooper says:

    Several years ago while living in Procter, we came home & found a large number of feathers on our deck. Upon investigation I saw a Pygmy owl on the snow covered ground of the deck. I could see a leg at an unnatural angle & thought he must have flown in to the deck doors & dragged himself off the deck.

    I went in to get some gloves to try & pick him up. As I got to the front of him I could see that it was not he that was injured, but that he had a sparrow or a finch that he had taken down & he was dragging it over to the creek bank to enjoy his meal. I was shocked that such a tiny owl took a prey that almost seemed to be close to his own size!

  5. Karen Pidcock says:

    Amazing little ferocious hunters!!

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