Eurasian Wigeon


This seems to be a season for visitors that have wandered off course from the Coast. Last October there was a Pacific Loon, and a couple of days ago, a Eurasian Wigeon couple. I did not see the wigeon at the Nelson waterfront, but two people told me about it, and Shirley Smith sent along a fine shot of the couple.

There are two species of wigeons seen in the Province. The American Wigeon is a staple of this region throughout the year. The first picture is of it.

Our standard wigeon is the American Wigeon. The male, at the back, has a whitish or buffy forehead, and a greenish band from his nape to his eye.

It is much less common to see the Eurasian Wigeon. Again the male is at the back, and again he has a buffy forehead. However the rest of his head is distinctly rufous. There are differences between the females of the two species, but they are subtle. The couple moved on the next day.

Shirley Smith’s picture of the Eurasian Wigeon is used with permission.

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  1. Karen Pidcock says:

    These beauties make me think of Dirk, who enjoyed them so much!

  2. Mary J Williams says:

    Shirley Smith takes some awesome pictures too! Thanks for sharing!

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